45″ Japanese Sword Unokubi-Zukuri Hand Forged Blade Sharp


T10 Steel Oil Quenched Full Tang Blade Japanese Samurai Sword NAGINATA Very Sharp
Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel Oil Quenched
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45″ Japanese Sword Unokubi-Zukuri Hand Forged Blade Sharp


Overall Length:  45.3 inch /115 cm

Nagasa Length: 27.8 inch / 70.5 cm

Handle  Length: 15.7 inch / 40 cm

Kissaki Shape: Chu-Kissaki

Blade Shape: Unokubi-Zukuri

Blade Material:   1095High Carbon Steel

Tsuba Material: High quality iron Tsuba

Blade Width (near Habaki):  1.26 inch / 3.2cm

Blade Width (near Kissaki):  0.91 inch / 2.3cm

Weight (with Saya ):   3.46 lbs /  1.57 kg (approximately)

Weight (without Saya):  2.97 lbs / 1.35 kg (approximately)

Saya Material:  Hard wooden with black matt finish

Handle Material:  Genuine Ray skin +Hard wooden

Condition:    Brand New


T10 Steel Oil Quenched Full Tang Blade Japanese Samurai Sword NAGINATA Very Sharp

Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel Oil Quenched

This NAGINATA SWORD is hand forged and hand sharpened using Japanese methods to create a perfect blade.

Fully functional and battle ready. The accessories of the sword are all authentic from the ray skin handle, to silk sage-o and copper oxidized fittings.

This is the best sword you will find in the price range.

  • Handmade Japanese Musashi Sword NAGINATA
  • Hand forged 1095 high carbon steel blade
  • Maru style laminated and Oil quenched
  • Full Tang Blade with 2 bamboo mekugi(pegs)
  • 12 steps hand polishing and sharping
  • Fine finished musashi design iron tsuba(guard)
  • Black synthetic silk tsuka-ito and sageo
  • White lacquered genuine SAMEGAWA (ray skin)
  • Very Tight Hineri-maki wrap Handle
  • Black matt lacquered saya(sheath) with hardened Koiguchi
  • Brass habaki and seppa
  • Comes with iron fuchi and kashira
  • Can be fully disassembled and assembled
  • Can cut the bamboo trees(fresh),tatami or slice paper
  • Comes with a free sword bag and certificate of authenticity.


Materials And Way Of Forge:  
Blade: The blade of the sword has been hand forged using the ancient method of sword making. Full hand forged, hand polished and hand sharpened.

This blade has a shape in “Unokubi-Zukuri” style, There is one big Hi (blood groove) on each side which is from Habaki to the middle of the blade, The thickness on the back becomes thinner from the half of the blade towards the tip, but the back turns to thick near the KISSAKI (tip). this not only allows for a lighter blade and audible feedback when swung. but also can balance the blade to achieve optimal performance.

This blade has been hand polished with multiple grade sharpen stone by Japanese method, which made the surface of the blade like a mirror, the blade is also very sharp.

The blade was made of 1095 high carbon steel. and it has been laminated in a Maru style. the whole blade was hardened by oil quenched


This blade comes with a full length Tang which greatly enhances the strength of the sword. this sword is strong enough to cut through a thick bamboo tree with a single strike yet sharp enough to slice paper.
Tsuba: The Tsuba (guard) of the sword is made of alloy. The Habiki (blade collar) is a one piece brass construction. Two Seppas (spacer) secure the Tsuba.

Tsuka:  The Tsuka (handle) core is wooden and it is tightly wrapped over genuine Ray skin Samegawa with a synthetic Ito. The Fuchi (sleeve) and Kashira (buttcap) are made of alloy. The Tang of the sword is secured by two Mekugi (peg). Two alloyed Menuki (ornament) are on each side of the Tsuka.

Saya: The saya (sheath) of the sword is hard wooden with black matt finish. A cord Sage-O has been tied around the bright copper Kurigaga (knob) of the scabbard. the Koiguchi has been hardened.

This is a sharpened, super, truly battle ready Samurai sword very suitable for iaido and kendo superior. it is also allows you to make a collection of realistic, yet beautiful samurai sword, or to present one to your friend. Don’t miss such a chance!

NOTE: (1) A silk sword bag comes with the sword. but the wooden stand in below item pictures is NOT included.

(2) if you need one wooden stand, please contact me, we will give you it for free, we hope you just provide us with the additional 12€ for shipping.

(3) This Katana can be taken apart fully anytime for maintenance purposes, you can disassemble the sword from the handle by taking out two pegs.

(4) Due to our swords are full hand made, so Specs will vary slightly from sword to sword. please understand.



If you do not like the color or Mountings on this sword, please click


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the parts in the Extra requirement when you buy.  


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