Bodhidharma Daruma Ceramic Tea Pet



Figure Ceramic Handmade

Tea Pet



Bodhidharma Daruma Ceramic Tea Pet

Figure Ceramic Handmade


Tea Set Accessory

The tea ceremony is the way of the aesthetic feeling of a high tea .

The tea ceremony is also regarded, as a kind of cooking tea art of living a life of tea, as media etiquette,a tea to cultivate one’s way of life

Drinking tea can meditation,static god.

Tea pet, As the name implies:it is the pet which nourished by the tea, mostly fired of purple clay or mud handicrafts ,

before drinking tea or the remaining cup of tea dripping .

Day by day, tea pet will be warm, pleasant, tea flavor overflowing.

Size: 8cm x5.5cm x6.5cm



Bodhidharma (5th Century)

Bodhidharma, also known as Daruma in Japan, was an Indian Buddhist monk,

who is commonly considered the founder of Chan Buddhism in China – later known as Zen in Japan.

This Tea Pets Means: Prime symbol of determination, willpower, self-discipline, and Awakening.






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