Daimyo Maeda Toshitsune Samurai Yoroi Wearable Suit


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Daimyo Maeda Toshitsune Samurai Yoroi Wearable Suit


Maeda clan (前田氏, Maeda-shi) was a Japanese samurai clan who occupied most of the Hokuriku region of central Honshū from the end of the Sengoku period through the Meiji restoration of 1868

Maeda Toshiie was one of the leading generals under Oda Nobunaga. He began his career as a page, rising through the ranks a member of the akahoro-shū (赤母衣衆), under Nobunaga’s personal command and later became an infantry captain (ashigaru taishō 足軽大将).

Maeda Toshitsune (前田 利常, January 16, 1594 – November 7, 1658) was an early-Edo period Japanese samurai, and the 2nd daimyō of Kaga Domain in the Hokuriku region of Japan, and the 3rd hereditary chieftain of the Maeda clan. Toshitsune was a brother of Maeda Toshinaga and a son of Maeda Toshiie. He was the wealthiest daimyō within the Tokugawa shogunate, and his domain encompassed Etchū, Kaga, and Noto provinces. His childhood name was Saruchiyo (猿千代) later “Inuchiyo” (犬千代).



Includes – Standard Specifications

  • Helmet Bowl – Iron bowl with genuine Yak Hair
  • Neck Guard – Beaten Gold 4 Iron plates w/ Red braid lacings
  • Header Board – Beaten Gold Shikami Monster
  • Body Armor – Beaten Gold O-zane Iron armor
  • Shoulder Guards – Beaten Gold iron guards.
  • Tasset – Beaten Gold
  • Armored Sleeves
  • Shin Guards
  • Thigh Guard Apron

The armor is wearable and comes standard sized for a man with a 106cm chest (+/- 3cm), standing at 5′ 8″ tall (+/- 3”) and is fully functional. Available in three different quality levels: Kachi, Gashira and Taisho. All three classes includes a free customary black lacquered box (Yoroi Bitsu) which, along with an included wooden frame, provides the support for the display and instructions.  Kachi Class yoroi does not include the Yoroi Bitsu and maybe purchased separately


Armor Quality

  • Armor Quality :
  • Kachi: Foot Soldier armor – Quickly made, basic painting and synthetic materials (like nylon instead of cotton, satin instead of silk) are used to keep the cost of the armor down.
    • The Kachi class will lack certain features, such as they do not have shoulder padding or a removable nose (it is fixed to the mask), they have a synthetic mustache and might have a few paint blemishes or iron plating and no brass fittings.
    • This class of armor is crafted for the samurai on a budget and those looking to modify their own amor.

Is the armor battle ready?

Although we do not recommend that quality armor to be used in any form of combat, it is however very capable of being used and withstanding the rigors of training and full contact sparring.

Along with traditional armor crafting, we believe in traditional armor testing.

Our armor has been tested with great success using fully functional, live samurai swords and other weapons.

Price Include: Armour, Kabuto , shikoro Menpo, Do , Sode , Kote, Kusazuri, Haidate, Suneate Real wear, can be adjusted for 1.68-1.8 m height,

Wooden Size: 50X47X62 Packing size: 56X53X68

Weight: 12.5 kg heavy wooden armor weight 7 kg

Material: iron, cloth, cotton, wood frame, wooden base

Color: Antique


Additional information


Gashira, Taisho


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