Hand forged Japanese KATANA sword AISI 1060 full tang blade Tengu Tsuba


Sword AISI 1060 full tang blade

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Hand forged Japanese KATANA

Sword AISI 1060 full tang blade

Tengu Tsuba


Important Notes:

(1): We offer custom service. If you do not like the fittings on this sword, you can select your preferred options from the dropdown. Click here to view all available Japanese swords fittings.

(2): We offer blade engraving service, it is FREE to engrave Chinese characters, English letters or Japanese kanji on the blade by Laser engraving machine. please write engraving contents in the note when you pay.

(3): We will ship sword to you by EMS Express. we will send tracking numbers to your registered mail after parce sent.

(4): Each customized sword comes with a free sword bag and a certificate of authenticity.


NOTE: (1) A silk sword bag comes with the sword. but the wooden stand in below item pictures is NOT included.

(2) if you need one wooden stand, please contact me, we will give you it for free, we hope you just provide us with the additional 12€ for shipping.

(3) This Katana can be taken apart fully anytime for maintenance purposes, you can disassemble the sword from the handle by taking out two pegs.(4) Due to our swords are full hand made, so Specs will vary slightly from sword to sword. please understand.


If you do not like the color or Mountings on this sword, please click


to choose different mountings. you can put the number of
the parts in the Extra requirement when you buy.  


Do you want an unique sword? Here you
can get whatever you want. All our standard blades are available
with customizable parts, where you can choose from a large array of
fittings, Ito, Sageo and Saya. It is free to choose following parts
instead of original ones! NO EXTRA CHARGES! We also can engrave your
name, simple symbol or something else you like on the blade.







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