Date Masamune Samurai Armor Quality


Yoroi Wearable Suit

Date Masamune dokuganryū (独眼竜), “One-Eyed Dragon”

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Date Masamune Samurai Armor

Yoroi Wearable Suit

Date Masamune dokuganryū (独眼竜), “One-Eyed Dragon”

The suit of Armour size to wear is : 168cm – 180cm, it’s about 25Kg.

Is made of cloth, wrought iron, metal sheet.

The price don’t including stand and wood box

This stunning Yoroi is modeled after the battlefield armor worn by warlord DATE MASAMUNE.

It features blue and yellow cotton lace widespread to the Date Clan and Date Masamune’s crescent moon helmet crest.

Date Masamune (伊達 政宗, September 5, 1567 – June 27, 1636) was a regional ruler of Japan’s Azuchi–Momoyama period through early Edo period.

Date Masamune never lost a battle campaign, was never crushed in one-on-one sword fight all through his extensively-long life as a samurai warrior

By 1590, Date Masamune and Toyotomi Hideyoshi have been the only two daimyo left standing in Japan.

So in 1613, Masamune determined he wished to arrange a commerce route with Europe, and he constructed a western-style crusing ship and despatched a delegation of Japanese nobles to Europe with a letter for the Pope and a pair ceremonial katana swords.  His men sailed to Acapulco, Mexico, crossed over land to the Atlantic, get another ship, and have become the primary Japanese to cross the Atlantic Ocean.  They landed at Madrid, met King Philip III of Spain, then went to Rome and delivered the message to Pope Paul V.

Finishing his life time , he had seen the end of the Warring States period and the beginning of a interval of peace that last for over 200 years.



This handcrafted samurai armor main elements are made of iron. The grand standard craftsmanship of our artisans is recognise in the sophisticated crafted chainmail sleeves and Haitate 


Our armors are designed to fit average adults up to 180cm tall, with as much as 105 cm chests. if you want a bigger size, we would be happy to provide you our custom sizing option to guarantee the best fit. A slight cost price may be charged, relying for your measurements. It’ll take 1 to 2 extra weeks to finish a custom sized armor. if you require custom sizing, please send us a message with quote request before shopping this armor. Will send you a chart, than you need to fill your key measurements, to request a quote for customise Armor


We implement you with the option of changing the color scheme of the lacquer finishes and braid lacings of your Yoroi. If we have the color you want in our stock, the change is absolutely free.


A number of traditional Japanese Kamon can be added to your armor’s chest and/or the storage box for free. You can pick your favorite

Samurai Kamon List


Armor Quality


Our Yoroi Quality

We only offer, wearable Samurai Yoroi armours and Kabuto helmets that are 100% handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.


Each wearable armor is made after original models found in museums, private collections, and other historical sources.

Armor Quality :

Gashira : Officer armor – Quality made, painting and materials (like cotton, satin and silk)

Gashira Quality will sure features, together with they have shoulder padding or a removable nose, They’ve a mustache and feature fewer paint blemishes with iron plating and brass fittings

  • This class of Yoroi is handcrafted for a Samurai Officer and those looking to custom their amor.

Armor battle Ready!

Even though we do no longer endorse that satisfactory armor to be used in any form of fight, it is however very capable of being used and support contact sparring and training.

Our Yoroi has been tested with exquisite achievement using fully functional, samurai Katana swords and other weapons.

Price Include: Armour, Kabuto , shikoro Menpo, Do , Sode , Kote, Kusazuri, Haidate, Suneate

Wooden Size: 50X47X62 Packing size: 56X53X68

About the Yoroi

Our Yoroi are hand-built, will be some handmade signs, demanding perfect buyers purchase.

Our Yoroi are old retro style antique, in order to trace, a sense of history.

If it´s returned, as buyers personal preference problems, the buyer needs to pay the return delivery costs.

About shipping

Because we can not control the logistics company, sometimes due to factors such as weather, traffic, logistics staff can cause delays in the arrival time, please contact us!

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Gashira, Katchi


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