Kusari Gusoku (Chain Armour)(鎖具足)




Kusari Gusoku (Chain Armour)(鎖具足)

Edo Peridod Style


Kusari was used in samurai armour at least from the time of the Mongol invasions (1270s) but particularly from the Nanboku-chō period (1336–1392

Kusari gusoku (chain armour) was commonly used during the Edo period 1603 to 1868 as a stand-alone defense

“Entire suits of mail kusari gusoku were worn on occasions, sometimes under the ordinary clothing”


Edo period samurai police officers (machi-kata doshin) wore kusari garments for protection when making an arrest, and Ian Bottomley in his book Arms and Armor of the Samurai: The History of Weaponry in Ancient Japan shows a picture of a kusari armour and mentions kusari katabira (chain jackets) with detachable arms being worn by samurai police officials during the Edo period.

Rare 1800s photograph showing kusari katabira (chain armour jackets) and hachi gane (forehead protectors) with kusari shikoro (chain armour neck guards) being worn.





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