Sanada Masayuki Samurai Armor Gashira Quality


Yoroi Wearable Suit

Sanada Masayuki

The suit of Armour size to wear is : 168cm – 185cm, it is about 25Kg.

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Sanada Masayuki

Samurai Armor

Gashira Quality

Yoroi Wearable Suit

Sanada Yukimura

The suit of Armour size to wear is : 168cm – 185cm, it is about 25Kg.

Is made of cloth, wrought iron, metal sheet.

The price don’t including stand and wood box

Samurai Armor

The samurai class, consisting of no more than 7 to 10 percent of the population during the Tokugawa Shogunate

The Sanada clan’s famous crest is called Rokumonsen which means and represents six coins.

These coins are believed to be needed to cross the river of the underworld. By using this crest, Yukimura Sanada wanted to show he was never afraid of death during battle.

Sanada Masayuki

Preceded by  Sanada Yukitaka
Parents  Sanada Yukitaka
Role  Political figure
Name  Sanada Masayuki
Nationality  Japanese
Succeeded by  Sanada Nobuyuki
Battles/wars  Battles of Kawanakajima Battle of Mikatagahara Battle of Nagashino Siege of Odawara (1590) Siege of Ueda Many others
Died  July 13, 1611, Kudoyama, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Children  Sanada Yukimura, Sanada Nobuyuki
Grandchildren  Sanada Daisuke, Sanada Morinobu, Akuri, Naho, Okane
Similar People  Sanada Yukimura, Sanada Nobuyuki, Sanada Yukitaka, Uesugi Kagekatsu, Tokugawa Ieyasu

Sanada Awanokami Masayuki (真田 安房守 昌幸, 1547 – July 13, 1611) was a Japanese Sengoku period lord and daimyō. He was the head of Sanada clan, a regional house of Shinano Province, which became a vassal of the Takeda clan of Kai Province.

Sanada Jinja Shrine

Within the Ueda Castle Park, there is also the Sanada Jinja. The grandeur of the building that lets you get a sense of history; it’s a must see.





We would be happy to provide you with the option of changing the color scheme of the lacquer finishes and/or braid lacings of your Yoroi. If we carry the color you want in our stock, the change is absolutely free.


Armor Quality

  • Armor Quality :
  • Gashira : Officer armor – Quality made, painting and materials (like cotton, satin and silk)
    • The Gashira class will certain features, such as they  have shoulder padding or a removable nose (it is fixed to the mask), they have a mustache and have a fewer paint blemishes with iron plating and  brass fittings.
    • This class of armor is crafted for the samurai officer and those looking to modify their own amor.

Is the armor battle ready?

Although we do not recommend that quality armor to be used in any form of combat, it is however very capable of being used and withstanding the rigors of training and full contact sparring.

Along with traditional armor crafting, we believe in traditional armor testing.

Our armor has been tested with great success using fully functional, live samurai swords and other weapons.

Price Include: Armour, Kabuto , shikoro Menpo, Do , Sode , Kote, Kusazuri, Haidate, Suneate Real wear, can be adjusted for 1.68-1.8 m height,

Wooden Size: 50X47X62 Packing size: 56X53X68

Weight: 12.5 kg heavy wooden armor weight 7 kg

Material: iron, cloth, cotton, wood frame, wooden base

Color: Antique

[About the product]

Our products are hand-built, will be some handmade signs, demanding perfect buyers purchase.

Our products are doing the old retro style, antique to do the old deal done, in order to trace products more time, a sense of history.

If the return as buyers of personal preference problems, the buyer needs to pay the return delivery costs.


Our products are taken in kind, but because of the level of shooting, lighting, cameras, monitors and other factors, it is difficult to completely achromatic seller, can not accept any color of the buyers attention: the color can not serve as grounds for return .

[About delivery]

we will pro generally paid within 48 hours of delivery, subject to extension unexpected situations, will notice buyer!

[About shipping]

because we can not control the logistics company, sometimes due to the factors such as weather, traffic, logistics staff caused delays in the arrival time, but please bear with me!


on when the buyer Write sure when courier surface parcel soundness examination to determine the number.

If fewer pieces found damaged, please call us immediately, we will and courier companies to negotiate claims.


buyer upon receipt, the product is found damaged and other conditions, please contact the shop the first time!

We will give you the proper treatment!

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Gashira, Katchi


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